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Nature's Perfectly Designed Diet

We as humans have evolved into the incredible beings we are by eating plants, herbs, nuts, fruits, fish, seafood and animals the way nature has abundantly provided for us to flourish.  Produce and fruit grown in healthy organic soil, animals naturally raised on open pasture, fish and seafood wild caught in clean water nourishes us the way nature intended. The body innately knows how to heal itself and thrive when given the best quality fuel: Delicious, Nutritious, Vibrant WHOLE FOOD!  Kristina specializes in contemporary eating plans that emphasize the benefits of whole food including Paleo, Mediterranean, Keto, Vegetarian, Raw Food, Whole30 along with the sound nutritional advice of Dr. Axe, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Hyman, Dr. Amen and other leading experts. 

Wellness Chef Services

Whole food is Nature's perfectly designed way to eat. Healthy fats, clean proteins, plant based carbs and packing super foods in your daily meals can be nourishing and delicious!  Whatever eating plan works best for you, Kristina can help you create the most nutritious daily meals and show you how to organize your kitchen to make prepping and cooking fun, fast and easy. Let her support your wellness journey, helping you create beautiful, vibrant, delicious organic food!  Let's Work Together 

Whole Food Catering & Farm to Table Weddings and Events

Chef Kristina will to come to your home to create a "Foodie" worthy local, whole food experience for you and your guests. Professionally plated and presented, she will work with you to create the perfect dinner party!  Her forte is Farm to Table weddings and dinners, presenting the very best in local food, creatively prepared and beautifully presented.  Chef Kristina will create an event that reflects your healthy values and lifestyle.  Either In your home or at one of the many venues in our area, your guests will be wowed with a  memorable celebration!  

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